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Cotton Jabot & Swag Curtains

Cotton Jabot & Swag Curtains Item NO: 1376504

AU$ 53.00
colth yarn

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  • Name:SR18-12
  • Size: Height 280
  • technology: two material splicing
  • Net weight: 0.85kg
  • Flower Position: No
  • Shading rate: 70%
  • Washing: Dry Cleaning
Product Name Cotton Jabot & Swag Curtains
Item NO 1376504
Weight 1.0000 kg = 2.2046 lb = 35.2740 oz
Category Decor&Window > Window treatments > Curtains&Drapes
Creation time 2019-03-05

 Ordering instructions for buying curtains:

 How do you know the size?

The length of curtain track or curtain rod x multiples of pleats = the size you choose (integer) 

Height: be available within 2.7 meters

Length: order as many meters as you want

How to measure the length of curtain track or curtain rod?

1.  (measurement of the distance of the two ends of the track)

2. Curtain rod (measurement of curtain rod to the exclusion of two finals)

How to determine the multiples of pleats?

generally, twofold is the standard option.

For instance: 

As images shown below, if the track is 3.2 meters long, it is suggested to be made into a two-way draw drape with twofold pleats,Therefore the size you should choose is: 3.2 * 2= 6.4 meters  

you can choose:6-meter fabric (with fewer pleats)  OR 7-meter fabric (with more pleats)

The images of curtains with twofold pleats and double panels

Warm tips: there would be some material waster during the process of making a curtain,If you want more pleats, just choose a bigger size!

How to determine the height?

1. curtain track-roller hookers

Measure the distance between the roller hookers installed on the track to the ground-3CM

2. curtain rod- rings

Measure the distance between the rings installed on the rod to the ground-3CM

3. curtain rod- drilling a hole

Measure the distance of top edge of the rod to the ground

Notes : please make clear your size requirements, Order as many meters as you want

write the length of the track and the height of a finished curtain, and make clear whether you need a one-way draw drape or tw0-way draw drape (one-way draw drape can be pulled to only one side of the windows, while the two-way draw drape can be opened from both sides).

E.g. the total length of the curtain track is 3.3 meters, 2.6 meters high, two panels

Please make clear which size you want, or it will default to fabrics to be processed!

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